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Tonight Ican Compose The Lines – Poem by Pablo Neruda Autoplay video Today I can produce the saddest lines. Produce, for instance,’the night time is shattered as well as the orange stars shiver inside the distance.’ The breeze moves in the atmosphere and performs. Tonight I will produce the lines. I and she adored her and me, respectively too. Through nights similar to this one I presented her within my biceps I kissed her again and again underneath the limitless sky. She adored me sometimes, and she was loved by me too. How may one-not have loved her eyes that were still that were fantastic. The lines can be written by today me. To consider that I do not have her. To believe that she has been lost by me.

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To hear the immense night, nevertheless more immense. And also the passage falls to the pasture towards the heart like dew. Exactly what does it matter that my love couldn’t preserve her. The night is destroyed and he or she isn’t with me. This can be all. While in the range somebody is performing. Within the distance. My soul is unsated that it has shed her.

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As if to visit her our view searches for her,. She is looked for by our heart. Precisely the same evening brightening the woods that are same. We are not any longer precisely the same. She is no longer loved by me, that is selected. Our voice attempted to obtain the wind to touch her hearing. She will be anotheris. Like my bears before. Her voide.

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Her body that is shiny. Her inifinite eyes. Possibly I enjoy her, although I appreciate her, that is not uncertain. Love is not really long, forgetting is not so short. Because in my own arms she was kept by me through evenings similar to this one my sould isn’t satisfied that it has lost her. Me endure and these the last verses that she is written for by me though this function as the last ache that she makes.